The Adventurers and Explorers Guild (AEG) is a prestigious guild and a third party certifier of an international multidisciplinary professional community of explorers, adventurers and expeditioners. It is the only organisation of its kind that formally recognises the professional skills, dedication and experience required to practice in the expeditionary fields of exploration and adventure.


The platform is a third-party certifier which promotes the deserved recognition of both professional and hobby explorers and adventurers.

Membership is awarded to persons who demonstrate a commitment to explore, discover, lead and inspire people into the wilderness. 


Exploration and adventure simply means going deeper, traveling higher, journeying farther, or flying faster. In other words, the known limits of exploration and adventure continue to be surpassed and AEG formally recognise these achievements.The world has been discovered, however exploration and adventure are alive!




The Adventurers and Explorers Guild (AEG) is focused on cultivating a sense of community and amity amongst its members and professionally recognising their work.


We connect adventurers with adventurers and by becoming a member or fellow, will open up an entirely new community of likeminded people to collaborate and engage.


As a certified member, you will have the ability to utilise the societies community on social media to promote your future endeavours.


The Adventurers and Explorers Guild (AEG) was established as a prestigious guild and a third party certifier in order to promote the recognition of people engaged in exploration, expeditions and adventure pursuits.


Our third-party certification conducts an independent non-bias assessment of the evidence submitted by an applicant. The assessment process will determine if the specified requirements pertaining to the level of recognition applied for has been met. 


Worldwide, there are third party certifications for a wide range of products and services, but so far, nothing has existed which recognises the work of adventurers.


With varying levels of membership, don't let your dedication and experiences go unrecognised- get in contact with us today to discuss the amazing opportunities that our membership program can deliver!





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