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What is The Adventurers and Explorers Guild (ADEX)

ADEX was created by a number of professional adventurers to fill an identified gap in professional recognition of adventurers and explorers. It is a third-party certifier and the only organisation of its kind that formally recognises the work of both professional and hobby explorers and adventurers worldwide. The third-party certification process allows for members to apply for professional recognition of their achievements in exploration and adventure. This recognition not only enables members to proudly showcase their efforts, but also demonstrates a commitment to personal and professional development within the exploration, expedition and adventure pursuits.

I already know what I have achieved, why should I get professional recognition?

This process brings all of your significant adventure and exploration experiences together and approves through a third party assessment, a certain professional level of recognition / certification. The third-party certification process promotes the professional recognition of both professional and hobby explorers and adventurers worldwide. It allows members to achieve professional recognition of their achievements in exploration and adventure, and proudly showcases their professionally certified experience within the exploration, expedition and adventure pursuits.

What is a third-party certifier?

A third-party certifier is an independent group that conducts an independent assessment to affirm that specified requirements pertaining to a standard have been met. ADEX is an established third party certifier of the adventure, expedition and exploration industry.

What are the levels of recognition that ADEX offer?

ADEX offer various levels of professional recognition depending on an applicant’s previous experience in adventure or exploration. Levels of recognition include Ordinary Member, Associate Fellow, Fellow, Leading Fellow and Master Fellow. The professional designation will depend on the applicants personal application.

What is a Fellow?

In the professional world, a fellow is a recognised professional member of a group that share an advanced level of knowledge in industry or academia and / or substantially proven experience. Awarding of fellow recognition can differ significantly between industries.

What are post nominals?

A Post-nominal is the condensed way for approved professionals and industry leaders to refer to the attainment of a certified professional level. Post-nominal letters are letters placed after a person's name to indicate that that person holds a professional position, academic achievement, accreditation, certification, military decoration, or honour, or is a member of a religious institute or fraternity. An individual may hold several different sets of post-nominal letters and the order in which post-nominals are listed after a name differs internationally, however generally speaking the order is based on basic rules of precedence.

What process governs the usage of ADEX post nominals?

The standards of recognition, certification and the allocation of post-nominals for the ADEX third party certification process is governed by an international board of fellow adventurers and explorers, ADEX staff and alumni, and can provide advice regarding the post nominal letters associated with the guild and how they should be displayed.

How soon can I use the post nominals associated with my approved recognition?

Once you have been approved and payed your fees and dues, you can use your post nominals for professional recognition immediately. You will receive your certification in the post.

Do I need to remain a financial member?

In order to utilise the professional recognition and postnominals associated with your approved certification, you will be required to remain an ongoing financial member and all fees and dues associated with your level of recognition to be paid in full each financial year.

I have let my membership lapse; do I need to re-apply?

If your dues have lapsed you will be unable to utilise the professional recognition or post nominals associated with ADEX and your membership will be suspended. Depending on the time frame, your previously approved level of recognition can be re-instated upon receipt of the fees and /or dues.

What is the distinction between a Certified Adventurer and a Certified Explorer?

Distinction between an adventurer and an explorer is important. In the truest sense, an adventure based expedition is usually undertaken for the sheer enjoyment of the experience where as an exploratory expedition is usually scientific in nature. Certified explorers have been involved with or undertaken specific expeditions for scientific purposes.

What is an expedition?

An expedition is a noun that simply means a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.





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