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Media Release (2) April 2019

In March, the international Adventurers and Explorers Guild (AEG) designated Mr Christopher Ince a Leading Fellow of the Guild.

Leading Fellowship is the one of the highest members bestowed by the Guild, and Mr Ince is a very deserving member.

Mr Ince is a career search and rescue specialist whose love of outdoor exploration began when visiting his uncle's mountain cabin every Christmas as a child. Throughout his adult life, he has striven to push his boundaries in outdoor exploration, particularly micro adventures, and inspire others to do the same.

His experience as a search and rescue professional lead Mr Ince to work with local sheriff's office, the Civil Air Patrol, and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary on land, sea, and air.

In addition to his many professional activities, Mr Ince is a keen geocache-er, photographer and travel blogger. Having logged hundreds of micro-adventures, Mr Ince is a proven adventurer dedicated to outdoor exploration.

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