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Media Release April 2019

In March, the International Adventurers and Explorers Guild (AEG) elected Australian Army Veteran and adventurer Jack Bramwell Barden the 2018 Adventurer of the Year.

The Adventurer of the Year recognises a person or team of people involved in a significant geographical expedition that pushes the boundaries of human exploration and adventure.

Mr Jack Barden is an Australian Army (Afghanistan) Veteran who planned and executed a successful full length trekking expedition of Norway with a small team of army veterans. Following his safe return home from Afghanistan and being discharged due to injury, Jack refused to be defined by setbacks and instead decided to put himself to the test. He did not just plan an expedition but he set out to demonstrate the strength of a modern veteran through adversity, and to make constructive change in the way modern veterans are perceived.

After considerable planning, Jack and his team inserted themselves into the high artic Lapland and trekked for 5.5 months journeying their way south from Nordkapp to Lindesnes. Things rarely went to plan with equipment breakages, an extended winter and the wettest year Norway has seen in 40 years, but the team pushed through snow storms, constant downpours, icy winds and negative 15-degree temperatures to reach their goal.

The journey united hundreds of veterans from multiple nations during their expedition and they were further nominated for the Norwegian Armed Forces Veteran Award in recognition of their efforts in changing the veteran narrative.

Jacks commitment to adventure exploration, safety and planning are a testament to his success and the Adventurers and Explorers Guild applaud his successful nomination for Adventure of the Year.

Expedition Statistics

Expedition Status Resfeber - Walking the length of Norway

Time: 5.5 months (15th April - 28th September)

Distance: 2600kms (Nordkapp to Lindesnes)

Status Resfeber means: "The restless heart before a journey begins"

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