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Media Release September 2018

In September, the international Adventurers and Explorers Guild (AEG) designated Mr Scott Whitfield an Honorary Fellow of the Guild.

Honorary Fellowship is the one of the highest members bestowed by the Guild, and Mr Whitfield is a very commendable member.

Mr Whitfield is a former national mountain biker whose endeavours have seen him cycle throughout Australia and the US. A professional podiatrist he spends his weekends hiking biking or competing in the odd adventure race or ultra-marathons.

Mr Whitfield has worked tirelessly building the guild memberships whilst also balancing advisory positions. Throughout his adult life, he has endeavoured to push his boundaries in outdoor adventurer exploration, particularly mountain biking and trail running.

In addition to his many professional activities, Mr Whitfield hold a black belt in Brazilian Ju-jitsu and is a regular competitor on the ultra-marathon circuit logging runs and routes internationally. Mr Whitfield is a proven administrator and adventurer dedicated to adventure racing and ultra-running exploration.






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